Individual Relationship Counseling & Coaching

Individual relationship counseling is designed to help you process your past, current, or future relationships so you can gain a better understanding for how you want to be loved, how not to waste your time with the wrong person hoping they will change, and how to attract the right spouse who will commit to just you. As a marriage and family therapist, I have specialized training to help you pick apart your family of origin and relationship inventory so you can pinpoint exactly how you want to navigate your love life and if you are ready for a committed relationship, marriage, dating, or if you just need to focus on being single and learning how to love you first.

Relationships are complex and throughout the emotional twist and turns you can find yourself tangled, knotted by the questions around if you should stay or leave your partner. Additionally, your relationship may be perfect which leads you to wonder if it is too good to be true and you find yourself on the defense, unable to fully embrace the love your partner shows. This may be rooted in the past trauma of a prior relationship that was filled with lies, broken promises, abuse, or cheating. Individual relationship counseling will help you heal these wounds, so you do not allow your past hurts to push your current partner out of your life.

If you are currently single and find yourself consistently attracting the wrong person and would like to learn how to break the cycle, so you can have your happily ever after, than doing the work in individual relationship counseling is a good fit. With so many dating experts out today on social media people are getting opinions instead of choosing to invest in proven science based counseling and therapeutic approaches guaranteed to help you learn more about yourself wants, needs, and love expectations. During your individual relationship counseling and coaching sessions, you will gain the insight needed to make better choices around mate selection so you can confidently move on from toxic dead-end relationships. You will also learn the value of self-love and how to heal your mind and soul so you can receive the person that is meant to come into your life or fully embrace the love given by a current partner.

Establishing a healthy relationship requires intentionality and work, despite the mystical belief by some that love is supposed to just happen. True love, healthy love, is the byproduct of taking care of yourself, creating appropriate boundaries, and being willing to be vulnerable with the right person who has taken upon themselves to learn how to love you the way you specifically desire to experience love. I believe everyone, especially you, are deserving of love so start loving yourself by investing in relationship counseling and coaching sessions with a trained professional.