Premarital Counseling and Coaching

Congratulations! You have accepted a marriage proposal or have been contemplating transitioning your relationship toward marriage or a deeper level of commitment in the near future. Premarital counseling will help you and your partner lay a foundation for marriage and establish the safeguards needed to protect your lifelong future together. Despite if you have already been living together or share children, marriage offers a new relationship outlook and will transform your union into the ultimate contractual commitment within the eyes of God. Marriage is serious business and should not be something you enter without first taking the time to heal relationship wounds, establish your joint decision-making plan, and develop a mutual understanding for how you both will manage outside relationships with family, friends, and work.

Premarital counseling will provide you with the tools to communicate better, solve small problems before they become big problems, and will equip you and your partner with a plan to ensure both of your marital needs, wants, and expectations are exceeded. When you hire a well-trained marriage and family therapist to assist you in receiving premarital counseling, you will protect your marriage from divorce. Couples who choose to prepare and prevent issues from arising in their marriage by completing premarital counseling, have more time to enjoy their love and family together. The same way you take time to manage your physical health, you have to invest in learning how to manage your marital health and that is what premarital counseling is all about.

Most couples I meet with can complete a comprehensive premarital counseling coaching program within six to eight sessions, which can be administered virtually or in person. During the first two sessions I will meet with you and your partner individually to assess your personalized marital needs and wants. From there we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan which will be the foundation for your lifelong marriage. You and your partner will coauthor your plan that will be the light you both will use to navigate your marriage journey together. In addition to the live sessions, you and your partner will receive a plethora of suggested books and resources that will be there for you to apply for years to come. Marriage is a lifestyle and after completing premarital counseling you will have the knowledge and skills to fall in love with your spouse every day.