Infidelity Repair

The moment you learn that your partner broke your marital or relationship vow by participating in acts with another person you experience a surge of undesirable emotional pain. The flood of questions rapidly enters your mind as you attempt to sort through these raw and hurtful feelings. In most cases you are blindsided by the sheer deceit and lack of respect your partner displayed by cheating on you. Despite the severity of your partners act, rather it be a virtual or emotional affair per social media or a physical sexual act, the pain renders no solace because the trust you once had for them has immediately dissipated.

However bad the pain is at this moment, I am here to share that there is hope, and I have witness couples repair and rebuild new marriages and relationships after infidelity has taken place. No, the work is not easy but if both partners are truly committed and are willing to go through the process, healing is possible. You will not get the same relationship back but can learn how to grieve what you once had and can rebuild a new relationship that will consist of the safeguards needed to protect your heart from experiencing the pain that comes by way of cheating and infidelity.

Out of all the concerns couples encounter, cheating is the one issue that cannot be successfully resolved without the help of a third party trained relationship therapist. As your relationship counselor and coach, I will walk you and your partner down the long road of mending the pieces of your broken heart, while we work together to rebuild the trust you once shared for each other. I will keep the counseling space safe for you and your partner as you both grapple with the pain. The cheating partner is coping with the shame, regret, and embarrassment that comes from hurting someone they love. The cheated-on partner is dealing with the trauma that comes by way of infidelity and is questioning their own value, self-worth, and if they can ever trust the cheating partner again. Both you and your partner are hurting in your own ways and that is why you will need the support of a non-bias trained marriage and family therapist who can hold you both up, as you battle through one of the hardest relationships fights of your lives.

Below is a video that explores the five phases for treating infidelity and if you are ready to start the healing process, go ahead and schedule your phone consultation so I can answer any further questions you have about the process.

I look forward to being a part of your healing journey and remember, your love does not have to die, it can grow back even stronger if you both are willing to do the work in counseling.