Guest Speaking and Programs

Guest Speaking and Programs

Hosted by Chris A. Matthews, Award Winning Licensed Marriage Therapist and Mental Health Expert

As the grandson of the late Reverend Doctor William Raymond Worsley, a renowned minister and theologian, I had the privilege of growing up in the church admiring my grandfather preach the word of God. Having always been drawn to the wisdom and teachings of the bible, God called me to teach Sunday school while I was working on my undergraduate studies. During this time one Sunday morning, it was on my heart to ask my pastor to present a message to the congregation. In that moment, I delivered my first message from the pulpit. Despite the overwhelming applauds and reactions from my church family, and many of them indicating that I needed to pursue the ministry as a career, I remained faithful on my journey as a mental health counselor.

Through prayer and meditation, God called me to do his work in the counseling room with couples and families struggling in their relationships. My canny ability to craft together sermons and messages as a guest speaker is a gift and passion that I pursue when God calls me to speak Infront of congregations and organizations. By way of my dual master’s level education, experience as an award-winning therapist and author, I love to honor God in the guest speaker role for churches and organizations. My repertoire of sermons and messages focus on marriage, family, leadership, and remaining faithful in God’s power. I often incorporate my personal faith journey as a teen father who through God’s grace and mercy, was able to marry my child’s mother and build a family and career that honors God.

In addition to my offerings as a guest speaker, I work closely with churches and organizations to develop relationship-based retreats, seminars, workshops, and conferences.

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